In case you have nothing to entertain yourself with... (not purely Ohno-related)

Hey guys, it has really been a while since I last felt like posting something here, but I was quite bored today and tried searching for Arashi on YouTube once again.

I was not expecting much, but I actually found this video, which I think is worth sharing. Many of you might have already seen it though, judging from the views - over 200 000 in four days is a lot I think.

In case you like watching the guys dance/practice the choreo as much as I do, you might like it too ;-).

I am not really a fan of the song playing, but I love the editing on the video - it looks almost as if this is an official PV :D. Especially the timing of "OH - NO" at the beginning!

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Hey there! Some more news about Ohno's TV appearances this month.
Apparently, he's also going to visit Aiba on Tensai Shimura Dobutsuen on the 24th. I'm not really sure what exactly he's going to do there (some websites mention a pelican though, so we'll see what that's about), but still, this means there are at least 3 Shinobi no Kuni related appearances this month, so I like the movie already XD